Limited Edition Prints from Watercolors

A note from Carl Freeman

What is a "Limited Edition Print"? In this case it means that I guarantee the buyer that only a fixed number of prints will be made (in most cases 25) in any given size. The number printed can be up to the thousands in the case of offset prints from a commercial printer.

What does "signed and numbered" mean? Any print can be signed by the artist and it should mean that the artist has looked the print over and approved it meets his/her standard of quality. Signing a print started with an artist working in media like etchings. The act of printing an etching slowly destroys the plate, so the lower the number the closer the print should be to what the artist intended the print to look like. Number 3 of 45 (3/45) is the third printout of 45 total prints. Numbering prints is meaningless in the case of modern printing methods, as each print should look exactly alike.

I have signed these prints -25- or -50- which means that no more than 25 or 50 prints will be printed. Each individual print page will specify the quantity which will be made of that image. Each print is produced with a state-of-the-art printer using archival pigment inks on archival quality fine art paper. All colors fade with exposure to sunlight, and paintings or prints should not be hung where sunlight hits them directly.

In our modern world there are many different ways of making prints (hand done, etching, lithographs, commercial offset, "computer" printers, copy machines, etc.) and as a buyer you should know how the print was created. There is nothing "wrong" with any of the methods as long as you are aware of how it was printed when you make your purchase.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me!